An Executive Q&A with New CEO Derk-Jan Brand

Executive Q&A Derk-Jan Brand

Last week, we announced the arrival of our new CEO, former Pegasystems, IBM and Adobe executive Derk-Jan Brand. It’s exciting news coming out of QuandaGo at a very exciting time for our company — and for the market.

In case you missed it, you can read the press release here

To help you get to know Derk-Jan better, we recently talked with him about why he joined QuandaGo, how his experience and approach will benefit the company and its customers, and what partners can expect from him moving forward. Read on to learn more:

1. Why did you join QuandaGo?

Of course, I was attracted to the technology and the fact that we have a talented and professional group of people. In addition to this, I see a real opportunity to build something new, based on a strong heritage, together with a seasoned executive team. This is very appealing to me. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some world-class companies that were leaders in their space, and we have the same aspirations for QuandaGo. But, these were large, matrixed organizations with many people involved in decision-making. With QuandaGo at its current stage, we can stamp out any bureaucracy and be truly customer-driven. This also enables us to be very nimble and fast-moving, acting with a sense of urgency for our customers and partners. 

In the short time that I’ve been with the company, I’ve been impressed by the close relationships and strong collaborations that we have with our customers and partners. I look forward to building on this!

2. How do you see your experience bringing value to QuandaGo and its customers?

Coming most recently from Pegasystems, I’ve been working closely with customers to understand their needs around business process automation and digital customer engagement. It’s an extremely exciting space with lots happening at the moment. At the core of it all is the need to help customers get something done — quickly and efficiently. When a customer contacts a company, regardless of the channel, they are looking for outcomes, they want or need something done. This could be buying a product, getting an answer to a question or obtaining service. This is an area and approach where I think QuandaGo can make a huge difference! 

As companies get better at this, they will be able to truly predict what the customer may need next, and how to best help them get it. QuandaGo, with its ability to manage customer interactions in real-time and apply intelligence and automation to get things done from the contact center to back office, is in a strong position to build on this evolution — and carve out a unique position in the market at the same time. 

3. What type of culture are you building and how will it benefit customers? 

As I mentioned earlier, the people of QuandaGo act with a sense of urgency and value closer-than-usual customer relationships — this will of course continue. To build on this, however, I believe we need to be more prescriptive in helping our customers solve problems. This requires developing solutions from the outside-in, based on customer needs, and providing a rich set of out-of-the-box capabilities to give them a fast time-to-market. Managing customer experience is complex, but the more we can solve standard problems, the more we can take the guess-work out of managing the customer experience for our customers.

4. What can partners and customers expect from you as QuandaGo’s CEO? 

I talked about being more prescriptive for our customers and solving their specific problems. A big part of doing this involves our partner community, which we are working hard to rapidly evolve and expand. Simply put, we love working with partners! They are an integral part of our business and helping ensure our customers’ long-term success. We are 100% committed to building a rich partner ecosystem, something for which I have both deep experience and a real passion for doing. As I get to meet more customers and partners, and hopefully see them in person later this year, this will be a critical part of everyone’s success.

Thank you for reading! Be on the lookout for future posts featuring Derk-Jan Brand’s view of the market in the future.

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