Gazprom Energy

Omnichannel interactions. Unmatched consistency. Faster growth in new markets. 

Energy leader Gazprom Energy connects with customers across all channels

The Challenge

Gazprom Energy, one of the world’s largest energy companies, has been active in the Dutch market since 2013, supplying gas and energy to the business customers. Gazprom Energy has a clear ambition to grow in the market, and aims to create long-term customer relationships to support this goal. To get there, the company set out to achieve this through both competitive pricing and a best-in-class customer experience.

The Solution

To help them realize their goal, Gazprom Energy opted for QuandaGo. With QuandaGo’s software, the innovative energy company now serves its customers consistently across all interactions–at every moment in the customer journey, via whatever channel the customer chooses. 

“We strive to exceed customer expectations every day. We’re convinced that this is the only way to create loyal customers.”

- Sytse van Heijst, County Head Benelux, on today's customer experience opportunity.

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