Salesboard & QuandaGo

Enhance synergy between sales channels

Boost up- and cross sell for your customers

By integrating Salesboard and QuandaGo companies can boost up- and cross sell activities for their customers while increasing customer satisfaction and lowering costs. With this solution, warm leads can be identified in the various sales channels that QuandaGo and Salesboard support and will automatically be handed over to the most suitable channels, ensuring a tailored customer approach.

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How It Works

Inbound –  a warm lead

If your agent identifies an upsell opportunity, this data is pushed through Salesboard to the QuandaGo Salesboard widget and becomes a task for your Sales team

Following up

A warm lead including context is pushed to your outbound sales team. Salesboard will start an outbound interaction, via phone, video or in real-life.

Ready for takeoff

Data is recorded in the relevant applications for future reporting and opportunity discovery.

The Pitch

 Salesboard provides context for the conversation to drive conversion

Result and report

The result and sale is recorded in Salesboard and a contract is created and sales dashboards are updated.

Key Benefits

Sales Opportunities

Higher Customer

More Silos

Break down silos in cold sales to warm prospecting

Integrations & Ecosystem

Key Features
Intelligent Process Automation
Front & Back
Office Collaboration
Digital First Interactions

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