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How Will AI Change Customer Engagement at Your Company?

How Will AI Change Customer Engagement at Your Company?

The rapid adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in the contact center is opening up huge opportunities to improve CX efficiency—while making life better for both customers and agents. As AI and machine learning become more embedded into a broader range of CX solutions, we’re exploring ways to bring AI-powered solutions together for breakthrough innovations in the contact center.

One example is the combination of conversational analytics and contact center automation. We recently teamed with conversational platform provider Tailo to bring customers a unique joint solution. By unleashing the power of conversational analytics to examine 100% of contact center interactions—versus just a few percent—and linking it with contact center automation that triggers actions, companies can save huge amounts of time when completing common tasks and after call work. In fact, we’re seeing customers complete work and processes in half the time!

One example is contact center quality management (QM), which is a key tool in the contact center manager’s quest for agent efficiency and accuracy—and for ensuring a good customer experience. For most contact centers today—small and large—only 1-5 percent of phone calls and interactions are analyzed for quality and compliance. This results in an incomplete picture on how and where to optimize the customer experience—and who needs the training to get it right.

The problem is that today’s quality management and compliance checks are mostly manual. Contact center managers and QM professionals are typically required to listen to entire calls with manual tracking of issues and actions for improvement. The process is time-consuming and lacks a complete view of customer interactions and resulting insights, which leads to lower service levels, higher costs, and a negative experience for both customers and agents.

By combining conversational analytics with contact center automation, companies can analyze 100% of interactions, determine precise next best actions, and automate the process for getting the right tasks done. This includes providing contact center managers and agents with information on customer queries, sentiment, and emotion. With the help of automated conversational analytics, organizations can:

  • Reduce the time it takes to complete common processes by 50% or more.
  • Query 100% of conversations to assist agents and automate next best actions.
  • Improve quality management and assurance—and the agent experience.
  • Automatically tag all customer interactions on sentiment, priority, intent and topics.
  • Enrich CRM, DMP, and CDP apps with real-time customer data and insights.
  • Boost customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

When done right, the combination of conversational analytics and contact center automation can enable you to make big improvements in the contact center by saving one of our most valuable assets—time. 

See how conversational analytics and contact center automation helped a large insurer improve contact center accuracy by 69% and deflect 5,000 calls per month.

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