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Cloud CX software that helps you to create an ecosystem around your contact center. Centralize and connect all your customer interactions, processes and knowledge. A connected experience for everyone, that’s why QuandaGo works best!

A Connected Experience for Everyone

With QuandaGo you can centralize your knowledge, manage your processes and support your customers on all channels to offer a fully connected customer experience!

The Platform

Inbound Service

Continuous Conversations

  • 360° customer view
  • Augment agents with AI
  • Proactive engagement
  • Relevant offers

Self Service

Easy & Exact

  • Speech-enabled apps
  • Drag & drop set-up in just a few clicks
  • Direct access to exact knowledge
  • Connect to agent with real-time data

Outbound Contact

Relevant Offers

  • Predictive and progressive dialer
  • Predictive analytics powered by AI
  • Improved connections & conversions
  • Easily integrate with enterprise apps — Marketing and Sales

Front and Back Office Integration

Automated Workflow

  • Front & back office integration
  • Automation of workflow & tasks
  • Knowledge-powered agents for high value interactions & complex issues

The Building Blocks of the Platform

Knowledge Center of QuandaGo

Centralize your knowledge for your customers, agents and your business. The smart knowledge base provides customers and employees with exactly the information that they are looking for and improves your self service while collecting relevant data.

Share knowledge
Self service
Relevant insights

Interaction Channels of QuandaGo

QuandaGo’s interaction channels support your customer wherever they are, including self service, telephony, webcare, Whatsapp, social, and e-mail. The Omnichannel is connected to the Knowledge Center to answer questions quickly and is integrated in the Process Engine for a guided workflow on all channels.

Personalized support
Switch channels easily
Supervision tools

Process Engine of QuandaGo

QuandaGo’s Process Engine supports you and your customer service operations with smart technology and customized business rules. QuandaGo allows back-end integrations to collect and share important data across your company. Support your agents in the best way possible!

Automate operations
Guided workflow
Become predictable

With QuandaGo everyone and everything is connected. QuandaGo offers smart software in the cloud with the flexibility to choose your own platform size. All features are API-based so you can easily switch and extend your platform as you grow.

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