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QuandaGo is a cloud CX software company focused on contact centers, knowledge management, and business automation.

We are 100% focused on making the most valuable and efficient connections between customers, agents and companies. 

We deliver on with the industry’s only Connected Experience Platform, bringing your company’s interactions, knowledge and processes together in a single place.

We have successfully managed more than 100 million interactions and counting for leading brands in retail, financial services, telecommunications, utilities, and more.

Everyone wants to feel connected!

QuandaGo brings together
three innovative CX software companies.

VANAD Aloha / QuandaGo Interactions

A Cloud Contact Center Solution that has been well known in the market for years.

Aloha software enables a complete omnichannel contact center that manage customer interactions across all channels and touchpoints in a fully omnichannel environment–with self-service, skills-based routing, reporting & analytics, call recording, WFO, and all the tools needed to run a modern, high-performance, cloud-based contact center.

Artificial Industry / QuandaGo Labs

Data, Development & Design now within QuandaGo's Labs!

Artificial Industry combines data, development and design to innovate with our customers, partners, and community of developers. Solutions leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to innovative customer engagement and improve business outcomes with predictive analytics.

Morphis / QuandaGo Processes

Morphis joined the VANAD Group in March of 2019, bring business automation and management to the portfolio.

Morphis business process automation software supports the people who are in contact with customers on a day-to-day basis in the contact center and across the company, enabling communication and task completion with them as consistent and efficient as possible. Morphis supports agents handling more complex, more valuable interactions with automation. 

Part of The VANAD Group

QuandaGo is a proud part of the VANAD Group, an innovative multi-national business specialized in customer experience with over 1500 employees all over the world, including the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. 

The QuandaGo Connected Experience Platform makes it easy to turn-on a cloud contact center, integrate your data sources, and automate workflows across your business.

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