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QuandaGo is 100% focused on making the most valuable and efficient connections between customers, agents and companies. Read our various articles on how to do just that.

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How can you use AI
to improve your customer service?

How can you harness the power of AI to improve your customer service? What are the main business benefits of contact center AI? And how can QuandaGo help you to reap the benefits of advanced and modern-day contact center AI? 
Read on to find out.

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Customer service automation solutions: 5 key steps to get ready for the future

Let’s take a closer look at what support automation really means and why it’s actually a good thing if you use the right service automation solutions. We’ll also take you through the steps that allow you to get ready for the (automated) future.

5 steps to ensure optimal customer service management thumbnail

5 steps to ensure optimal customer service management

What steps do you have to take to ensure optimal customer service management? Why is customer service relationship management so important? And what tools and techniques should you apply to achieve maximum success in this challenging field?

Best contact center software features

The eight best contact center software features

Contact centers rely heavily on state-of-the-art software features that allow them to connect with customers on any communication channel and level. In this article, we will take a look at the best contact features for your contact center.

Thumbnail outbound contact center increasing revenue and seizing opportunities

How outbound contact centers can seize opportunities and increase revenue

What strategies must outbound contact and call centers follow to seize the opportunities at hand and increase their revenue? Let’s explore this question and learn how outbound contact centers can take their services to the next level.

Thumbnail contact center technology

Are you using contact center technology for an optimal customer experience?

Lets take a look at the evolution of contact center technologies and show you a couple of key contact center solutions that allow you to offer your customers an excellent and seamless experience. You can also use this overview as a checklist for your own business. 

Thumbnail all you need to know about contact center automation

All you need to know about contact center automation - and more

We will show you why contact center automation is the key to sustainable success and take a look at the evolution of contact centers and provide you with some important best practices for implementing and adopting an automated contact center.

Thumbnail autonomous omnichannel contact center

The complete guide to becoming an autonomous omnichannel contact center

How do you create a sophisticated, autonomous and future-proof contact center that serves both your business and customers? And what are the pitfalls that you are likely to encounter? Read all about it in this definitive guide.

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