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Ominchannel desktop, centralized data, next best actions

Connect all your data sources in a unified agent desktop

At the heart of the QuandaGo connected experience value proposition is the platform’s ability to bring all of your customer and company data sources together in a single place—from any source. QuandaGo then makes it easily available to your agents in a unified desktop, and for your customer’s with easy-to-design knowledge bases and advanced voice and web-based self-service. The result is ‘always-in-context’ conversations that deliver the personalization that today’s customers demand.

The QuandaGo platform collects customer data
the second an interaction begins, using it for intelligent routing decisions that get the customer to the right agent, and ensuring that all relevant information is made available in a single agent desktop. The data integration process is supported by open APIs to ease the process of consolidating customer knowledge and information.

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Enable always ‘in-context’ omnichannel interactions

With a complete view of customer insights and knowledge in a single desktop, contact center agents and managers can better understand each customer and each interaction. By providing the complete context of the customer’s situation to agents—across channels, apps, systems, and previous interactions—QuandaGo enables contact centers to effectively analyze all the data needed to determine how to best serve the customer.

Drive new levels of agent efficiency with next best actions and automation

QuandaGo assists the agent in taking action to resolve the customer interaction by suggesting answers and next best actions, as well as automating common tasks to get work done more quickly for the agent. This can include real- time support during interactions, after call work and compliance checks, providing agents with augmented intelligence and automated updates of records and systems.

Contact center managers can also optimize more complex use cases with knowledge management and process automation bots, including new customer on-boarding, payment and dispute management, product returns, customer churn management, and more.

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QuandaGo Knowledge

Key Features

Agent Desktop

Coaching &
Wallboard for Agent

Knowledge Base

Customer FAQ
Agent Assist

Automated Suggestions &
Next Best Actions


Integrations & Ecosystems

QuandaGo provides a completely open platform that supports an ecosystem approach and opportunities to integrate applications on many levels. This includes today’s leading CRM applications, communications platforms, and messaging applications, as well as marketing and sales applications.

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