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What is QuandaGo Process Automation?

QuandaGo Digital Agent

With QuandaGo, you can deliver faster customer journeys with fewer manual tasks – for both customers and agents. Examples include:

  • Automating workflows from the contact center to back office
  • Integrating multi-channel bots with intelligent process automation
  • Providing a fast and easy way to connect with an agent


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Customer Journey Automation

QuandaGo enables you to automate interactions and workflows across the contact center, back office, and any part of your business. Leverage fully automated agents powered by multi-channel bots and intelligent process automation to manage and complete the majority of customer interactions without the need for a live agent.

Accelerate the customer journey and increase the efficiency of your business, while freeing up your agents to focus on high-value interactions and complex issues where customers need more attention.

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Data-Driven Interactions

Connect customer data from company-wide sources to provide the exact context and intelligence needed to complete interactions quickly — both in full self-service and those that require live agent support.
Faster processes. Improved conversions. More intelligence. The benefits of real-time data integration improve both the customer experience and the life of the agent.

Transparent Connection to Agents

By seamlessly connecting agents with AI-powered self-service, including bots and automated agents, customers can enjoy the benefits of rich self-service interactions with fast and easy access to your people.

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QuandaGo Processes

Key Features

Intelligent Process

Business Rules

Data Integration

AI Agent Assist &
Next Best Actions

AI Automated
After-Call Work

Ticketing &
Case Management

Integrations & Ecosystems

QuandaGo provides a completely open solution that supports an ecosystem approach and opportunities to integrate applications and data on many levels. This includes today’s leading CRM applications, communications platforms, and messaging applications, as well as marketing and sales applications.

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What our customers are saying

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Gradén Mattson

“The QuandaGo team and solution are helping transform our BPO business in exciting ways, including offering new services and enabling our employees to better serve customers and get work done more quickly.”

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“Engie is now operating a customer process management platform with an intuitive agent interface and a clear structure where employees can easily and effectively accomplish their tasks.”

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“Everything starts with a good foundation. By bringing structure to people, processes and systems we worked on creating an ecosystem to offer more efficient and effective customer service.”

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