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Internationally recognized Ad Nederlof marks 50 years in IT industry

ad nederlof

Internationally recognized Ad Nederlof marks 50 years in IT industry

“Fifty years of turbulence, but the golden years are yet to come”

Rotterdam, July 3, 2020 — Today Ad Nederlof (73) celebrates his 50th anniversary in the IT industry. During his career, Nederlof served as vice president at Oracle, board director at Exact, and President and CEO of the American-based software company Genesys, which was sold for $1.8 billion to Alcatel in 2000. After working in Silicon Valley for seven years (San Francisco) and serving for five years as the CEO of Genesys, Nederlof decided to use his knowledge and experience to start his own company. At the age of 57, he founded the VANAD Group, which is now a fast-growing, internationally operating family-run business that supplies innovative business solutions in the field of software, information and communication technology. During his fifty years in the industry, Nederlof has experienced at least four major crises. As a result, according to Nederlof, working in IT involved constant turbulence over the past 50 years. “The COVID-19 crisis has negatively affected our economic growth, but we have to look beyond the crisis. I’m convinced that the golden years are on their way, so entrepreneurs, prepare yourselves!” said Ad Nederlof.

“Thanks to ICT we’ll survive the economic impact of this crisis”

The IT sector has experienced a lot of turbulence. From major crises to minor setbacks. The current COVID-19 crisis is one of them. Nederlof looks at the situation like a true entrepreneur. “If you have a strong vision, you can withstand any setback. Of course, you have to adjust your strategy, but your vision should remain unchanged and give you direction. It is precisely thanks to the use of ICT that we will survive the current economic crisis. Companies that have well designed digital workflows are now reaping the benefits.”

Nederlof is naturally positive and prefers to think in terms of opportunities. His advice is therefore to think anti-cyclically and to invest when times are challenging. “Investing in your company and in new technology prepares you for the future. This is important, because the golden years are on their way!” said Nederlof.

About Ad Nederlof

Nederlof’s impressive IT career spans a half century in which he climbed the ladder to senior executive levels at global companies. In 2000, he was appointed CEO of Genesys, a San Francisco-based call center software vendor. At Genesys, he was the key player in a billion-dollar deal: the sale of Genesys to the French telecom giant Alcatel for $ 1.8 billion. In 2005, at the age of 57, Nederlof decided to start his own business. Together with his son Arthur Nederlof and his son’s college friend Arnoud Munneke, Nederlof founded The VANAD Group. To focus more on the customer experience business, Nederlof sold healthcare ICT provider Enovation in September 2018.

In the world of customer contact centers, Nederlof sees a spectacular growth and transformation: “All (customer) data is stored in contact centers and must be converted into intelligence and action. Little is being done with that now. However, technology and consumers are becoming increasingly innovative. Therefore, we must move and change with the times, that is my advice,” said Nederlof.

About the VANAD Group

VANAD Group is a fast-growing, internationally operating family-run business that provides innovative business solutions in the field of software, information and communication technology. Within the organization, a variety of internationally operating companies work closely together on one assignment: adding value and competitive advantage in the field of customer experience, so that customers can distinguish themselves in their market. The VANAD Group develops and uses creative and innovative technology for that purpose. The company employs more than 1,500 people from all over the world. The VANAD Group has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, the United States and Australia. The following companies are active under the VANAD Group; VANAD Engage, Bliss, Tangelo Software and QuandaGo. Nederlof is also the founder and chairman of Unistone Real Estate.


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