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QuandaGo Adds Viber to Messaging Platform Support

Viber Messaging Platform Support

Learn how you can quickly and easily support today’s leading Messaging Platforms for customer engagement, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and now Viber

As customers increasingly use messaging platforms to engage with companies, this critical digital channel needs to be part of today’s omnichannel interactions mix. Consider that WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger alone have more than 3.5 billion users worldwide. In the U.S. 23% of customer service interactions are being handled via live chat and social media messaging channels. For messaging platforms, the numbers are even higher in Europe and Asia.

To help companies address this growing need, QuandaGo is pleased to announce that it now supports the popular Viber messaging platform, adding to its existing support for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. This new integration enables your company to deliver a more consistent and efficient experience for your customers over today’s leading messaging platforms, enabling agents to handle messaging app interactions like any other inbound or outbound one-to-one contact, using the same data and tools to drive personalization and efficiency.

Now, it’s no secret that engaging with customers over social media platforms and messaging apps provides better responsiveness for questions and customer service, drives more sales conversions, and helps achieve higher customer satisfaction scores. But, a fully flexible solution that enables you to add new and emerging channels quickly and easily is is a requirement.

By integrating Viber with the QuandaGo platform, companies can expand their messaging channels to improve the customer experience and increase efficiency. For example, handling new customer on-boarding, application approvals, payments and dispute management, and general customer service inquiries, to name a few, can now all be supported over the Viber channel.

In addition to our messaging platform support, QuandaGo supports social media interactions over key platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. This includes tools to help contact center managers and operational teams more quickly monitor social media interactions for immediate action, while enabling direct connectivity to agents with complete context to remove the conversation from the public domain. The solution also supports push notifications based on keywords and hashtags to alert and support agents that handle social media interactions.

How do your customers use messaging apps to engage your company?

Let us show how easy it is to integrate messaging apps and social media interactions into your current customer service operations. You can see our new Viber integration in action, and learn how we can help you connect the experience for your customers and agents across all channels quickly and cost-effectively. 

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