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QuandaGo revolutionizes Customer Service with AI Automated Conversation Summary

QuandaGo, a leading provider of customer experience solutions, has announced a game-changing feature: Automated Conversation Summary. This innovation promises to streamline customer service operations, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. 

This feature fully automates the task of summarizing customer interactions, saving valuable time for the agent and ensuring reliability, consistency and accuracy across the board. With Automated Conversation Summary, customer service representatives can bid farewell to manual data entry, tedious and a time consuming part of the wrap-up process. By automatically logging key details of each interaction, such as the reason for contact and any resolutions provided and the actions that were taken by the agent, QuandaGo empowers agents to focus more on delivering exceptional service and less on administrative tasks. 

In addition to that, this same information can automatically be uploaded to the organization’s CRM as well as any other back-office application. This creates seamless visibility of key customer interactions throughout the organization. Summary information can even be used to automatically trigger key business processes by adopting Processes, QuandaGo’s leading CX process automation solution. 

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Why Conversation Summary?

Conversation summaries are used in the QuandaGo application to give a comprehensive overview of what a customer called about and what the actions are to complete the interaction. Agents can read them back fast and use it to inform other colleagues in the front- and/or back-office. Automated Conversation Summary can also be used in other cases. For example, automatically sending customers a summary of the interaction they had via email.

Furthermore, this Agent Assist feature brings a new level of insight and analytics to customer service operations. By capturing comprehensive contact conversation summaries, businesses gain valuable data that can inform decision-making processes and drive improvements in customer experience. With access to rich, real-time analytics in our Data Lakehouse, organizations can identify trends, spot areas for improvement, and optimize their customer service strategies for maximum impact.

QuandaGo’s AI Automated Contact Summary is a logical addition to the company’s commitment to CX innovation and supports the Dutch language. Want to talk about the future of CX? Let us know here!


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