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Conversational Analytics


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How can Conversational Analytics help my business?

QuandaGo Digital Agent

Deliver fully automated agent experiences for common requests and processes using AI-powered, multichannel bots. Faster customer journeys, fewer manual tasks and even better experiences.

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Conversational analytics is changing the way we manage contact centers and customer experience

Machine and deep learning now make it possible to analyze 100% of customer interactions – enabling you to identify CX opportunities and issues faster, including agent training needs, process bottlenecks and cross-sell/up-sell opportunities.

Intent Recognition

Quantified Quality Management

Agent Assist

Intent Recognition

90% of all information around customer interactions is captured in unstructured data. Data which is accessible and actionable. Improve your CX by understanding what your customers needs not only fixing your contact center.

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Quantified Quality

Agent performance is typically evaluated based on the analysis of a few interactions per agent per month. Highly time consuming and not representative of actual agent performance. With Quality Management you can automatically analyze 100% of the interactions you agents have been involved in.


Agent Assist

With QuandaGo Agent Assist you can easily get conversation summaries and next best actions based on live interactions with your customers.

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QuandaGo Conversational Analytics

How it works


Analyze 100% of customer interactions, not just a few.


Understand intents across the customer journey.


Optimize processes to get customer service done.

Analyze 100% of customer interactions, not just a few.

Understand interactions and intents across the customer journey.

Optimize interactions and processes to get customer service done.

Automating Quality Management

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