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Every company is busy rolling out a digital strategy. The consumer does not expect anything else. The digital transformation is in full swing. Customers want to do business with you in an easy way, across a variety of channels and with great comfort. That is why it is important that you can use all information and resources with every customer contact to take the best “next step”. Without making mistakes. Well-trained bots offer a solution.

Why Bots?

Where organizations have to deal with complex processes, Bots can give a huge boost. Both in terms of efficiency and quality of service.

In the human world, a mistake is easily made. Due to crowds, inattention and / or lack of knowledge and information. A Bot, on the other hand, is able to perfectly execute the desired process and it is also extremely energetic. But a Bot also solves another problem. Contact centers notice that the economy is growing and high-quality personnel are becoming scarce. Where the work becomes more and more complex, the right people are increasingly difficult to find.

What can you use Bots for?

A Bot can actually do a lot that an employee can do. He can perform tasks, set out and monitor. He can look up information and save it in backend systems. He can make the right decisions based on a complex set of data. He can check and validate whether the right action is being taken. And he can even consult other AI colleagues and improve himself. For example, Bots can be used to manage new customer registrations, to solve payment problems or to arrange relocations, for example.

Can Bots replace employees?

Yes and no. In a sense, a Bot is an ideal employee. Once properly trained, he will always work as he has been taught. And that of course without error, something that is not always the case in the human world. In addition, a Bot can quickly make complex assessments, using a lot of information. And not many employees imitate him.

But there is also another side to the story. Because where empathy is needed, subtle communication is required, in short, human interaction is desired, a Bot will fall. If we look at language technology, there is still much to be gained in that area. And the question is whether that gap can be completely closed.


In times of digital transformation, where complexity in the operation is increasing, Bots are indispensable to retain competitive advantage. But where you want to communicate with your client in high quality and empathy is important, in short, where humanity is required, you cannot do without a physical workforce.

So use Bots where complexity or high volumes need to be managed. Where it is important that all information is consulted and used to take the right steps. De Bot can then perfectly determine when a person is needed. Or is that scary?


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