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Turn Insights into Action in the Contact Center and Beyond

Turn Customer Insights into Action

Having your call transferred to another agent. Repeating information. Being asked to call a different customer support number. The most common sources of customer frustration often come down to the lack of one critical element needed for a great customer experience: Data.

Indeed, customer data and knowledge in all its forms is the underlying engine of your contact center. Data powers agents with the information they need to serve each customer. Data provides the intelligence that determines customer routing strategies and service level agreements. Data feeds customer self-service systems and supports decision-making for next best actions and intelligent process automation.

Customer data is everywhere—and that’s why it’s a challenge to harness it to its fullest potential. In the contact center especially, agents are typically required to deal with multiple desktops and systems to find the information they need. In fact, the number of desktops and systems that agents use in today’s contact centers can reach 10 or more depending on the complexity of the interaction. As a result, agents can spend up to 30% of their time searching for information during an interaction—all to serve a single customer. Agents are also often left to solve problems on their own in the absence of the right knowledge or information at the right time. In the end, this data disconnect results in costly and inefficient customer service, frustrated agents, and frustrated customers.

At QuandaGo, we help you capitalize on customer insights and knowledge throughout the customer journey. We make it available to your agents in a unified desktop to serve customers more quickly, and we use it to better understand each interaction and how to deliver the best outcome—including suggesting next best actions for agents and automating processes to move the interaction forward to resolution. 

Our approach is based on 3 core principles that ensure you capture and use data and customer insights to improve the experience during every step of the customer journey, including:

  1. Collecting the Data: Contact centers need a complete view of both historical and real-time customer data to deliver the personalization and efficiency today’s customers expect. As a result, QuandaGo collects customer data the second an interaction begins, using it to make intelligent routing decisions to get the customer to the right agent and ensuring that all relevant information is made available in a single agent desktop. The data integration process is supported by APIs to ease the process of consolidating customer knowledge and information.  
  1. Analyzing the Data: With a complete view of customer insights and knowledge, contact center managers can better understand each customer and each interaction. By providing the complete context of the customer’s situation to agents—across channels, apps, systems, and previous interactions—QuandaGo enables contact centers to effectively analyze all the data needed to determine how to best serve the customer.
  1. Taking Action on the Data: Finally, QuandaGo assists the agent in taking action to resolve the customer interaction by suggesting answers and next best actions, as well as automating common tasks to get work done more quickly for the agent. This support can include after call work and compliance checks by providing agents with augmented intelligence and automated updates of records and systems. Contact center managers can also optimize more complex use cases with bots, including new customer on-boarding, payment and dispute management, proactive selling, customer churn management, and more.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our on-demand webinar on this topic, featuring:

  • The latest best practices and technology tools for bringing your customer knowledge together in a single agent desktop—and the benefits.
  • Real-world success stories from QuandaGo customers, including insurer DELA, on how to deliver better CX with centralized data and knowledge.
  • How to turn customer insights into actions that increase agent efficiency and accelerates business processes.

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