Virtual Queue

For years, customers have been confronted with long waiting times on the telephone. QuandaGo, provider of a cloud-based customer experience platform, offers a smart solution for companies that wrestle with bad accessibility during peak times. Virtual Queue helps the company as well as the customer to get in touch without reduction in customer satisfaction. 

Dealing with temporary peak loads on the telephone remains a particular challenge for healthcare providers and appointment agencies. The use of Virtual Queue, a simple solution, eases the pressure for the caller and for the practice assistant and facilitates the process of scheduling appointments.

Little knowledge about dissatisfaction

Niek Bos, VP Sales & Partner Manager QuandaGo: “Many practices and appointment agencies hardly have a view on their accessibility. As a result, they do not know how many calls they are missing, but they also have no idea how great the frustrations are with clients or patients. But research shows that patients experience waiting time as a problem. Practices and appointment agencies leave out great opportunities to work in a patient-oriented way. ”

“That situation can easily be improved with the use of simple technology,” says Bos. “Virtual Queue records the caller’s position in the queue and offers an option via a so-called voice prompt:” Do you want to be called back? “If you agree, you will hear the expected time of calling, your phone number will be confirmed and you can hang up. Your position in the queue is remembered: when you enter the queue as tenth, you will be called back by the practice assistant after the previous nine waiting people have been dealt with. ”

In addition, Virtual Queue also offers a valuable alternative: you can choose to be called back at a specific time or another number. With this choice, the customer uses the keys to enter a preferred time and, if desired, an alternative telephone number. The service can be switched on and off by the front office itself, for example for a specific period of the day. The advantage of the application is also that extra employees can log in during peak loads to take calls that are not bound by the location of the practice. In addition, routing can be based on an IVR or to certain employees.

Virtual Queue offers insight into accessibility. A practice can make choices based on this to better serve callers: for example, an appointment line and a recipe line and a line for lab results – you can see which queue someone enters. Who is calling for what?

All data stays in the country

Bos: “This solution is eminently suitable for peak-load services: physiotherapy, dentistry or general practitioner care practices, outpatient clinic appointment offices, or ticketing agencies. Virtual Queue can also be used by agencies that carry out campaigns, or by breakdown services from service providers such as service providers and energy companies. A number of our customers have asked for the functionality of Virtual Queue – a market survey showed that existing solutions often reroute conversations, often over foreign networks. This can lead to additional costs. With Virtual Queue, conversations remain within the national network. ”

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