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Keeping the costs down with QuandaGo Software

A clear improvement of first-time-right answers

The BudgetEnergie customer service department has been working with QuandaGo’s Process Engine module since 2012. Govert de Gier, managing director at BudgetEnergie: “We are a true price buster in the market. This means that we depend on a high volume of transactions and a low cost-to-serve. We want to serve as many customers as possible with as few hands as possible. This was the reason we opted for this customer service solution”.

Managing growth with the Process Engine

The BudgetEnergie customer service department has been working with QuandaGo’s software for a number of months now and up until now the registration procedure has played a leading role. This was the first thing we needed to organize. De Gier: “New consumers register every day, existing customers require services. All these transactions can now be processed through QuandaGo. We are the fastest growing supplier in the market; our volumes are increasing very rapidly. Without QuandaGo we could never have handled the current growth.”

Standardization of Complex Processes

In addition to the rapid growth of the customer service department at BudgetEnergie there are other challenges currently requiring attention: customer contacts have to be processed first-time-right. De Gier: “Our processes are extremely complex; it is very difficult for employees to maintain a clear overview. Standardization is truly essential and QuandaGo makes this possible. We are also investing heavily in knowledge, and pay great attention to the quality of our employees. This is all to ensure that a customer is addressed first-time-right. Since the implementation of QuandaGo we have witnessed a clear improvement.”

Future plans with QuandaGo Software

There are still many more challenges ahead for BudgetEnergie, and in acquiring QuandaGo the energy supplier looked beyond the needs of the customer service department. Under the banner BudgetCompany this enterprise intends to market more products and services. Firstly insurance, but at a point in the future Internet and telephony too. De Gier: ‘How these companies are to be organized has yet to be determined, we have not decided the exact details. But one thing is certain and that is that QuandaGo will take center stage in all these activities too.’

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