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Integration Customer View - Lean Dialogues - Knowledge Management with QuandaGo

Delta supplies energy and water in Zeeland. But they also offer multimedia services like internet, TV and telephony. However, the Zeeland multi-utility company considers it important that every customer has a crystal clear picture of the entire organization. This was one of the reasons for implementing QuandaGo software. 

Jeroen de Graaf, Customer Operations Manager at Delta: “Many of our customers purchase more than one service from us. But we don’t have an unequivocal customer view. Our employees worked with different systems. With the help of QuandaGo, we can now optimize our customer contact center and better anticipate our customers’ needs. In addition, the system ensures that we can start our transactions and processes automatically, without back-office intervention and we have more cross-selling options. For instance, when a customer rings now with a question about his energy bill and a multimedia campaign happens to be running at the time, we can make them an offer immediately.”

All relevant information available

At Delta, they are very happy with the customer service system that – above all – ties in perfectly with the aim of optimizing sales and service channels. De Graaf: “Many organizations struggle with the availability of an integrated customer view. This stems from the fact that customers use different means of communication during their customer journeys. They will pose a question via chat, send a mail about their invoice and ring about a complaint. All dialogues are logged thanks to the Process Engine, whatever channel the customer chooses. Which employees can use to their advantage. And there is another benefit: the system ensures optimum support of our knowledge management processes.” Maurice Klinkers, Call Center Manager: “When a customer asks a question, the right answer is always immediately available thanks to QuandaGo. The system supports our employees with all relevant information. This makes employee induction much faster too, we don’t have to invest as much in training.”

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