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MAIN Energie's scores reach record heights through cooperation with QuandaGo

First time right, first time resolution and customer and employee satisfaction have never been so good

If you consider a service and customer oriented approach to be important, you have to act that way yourself. MAINEnergie’s MT members almost always answer the telephone themselves. Even when they are in a meeting. Emails are answered within a day and undesirable behavior is addressed immediately. Because the way in which you wish to be treated, is how you should treat your customers. Since the introduction of the Process Engine module, this has increasingly been the case for the energy supplier. Customers can see for themselves to which degree the service scores have been improved on the MAINEnergie website.

Flexible and Decisive

MAINEnergie COO Andries Schilt is very content with QuandaGo’s results: “Our scores in the field of AHT, First Time Right, First Time Resolution and customer and employee satisfaction have never been so good. In addition, the software helps us retain our decisiveness and flexibility. After all, the dynamics of the customer processes and contacts demand that you are able to respond quickly and implement changes rapidly. And you don’t want to be continually reliant on your supplier when changes are required. Our own application manager can now make these changes independently. And this doesn’t just keep us flexible, it’s very cost-efficient too.”

Action to guarantee the level of service

MAINEnergie processed its customer contacts in Outlook and things went wrong from time to time. E-mails were left unanswered for too long, staff did not have comprehensive insight into the customer history and during absence through illness or employee vacations the status of the customer contact was not always clear. In addition to this, the management lacked a proper grip of the processes and there were no reliable reports to fall back on. To continue to achieve the ambitions with regard to the level of service, action had to be taken.

Proactive and personal

MAINEnergie approached QuandaGo with a crystal clear objective: customers had to be helped properly first time round by a first line desk and it should be possible to settle follow-up activities without errors. In addition, MAINEnergie wanted to reduce the number of avoidable customer contacts substantially. So a personal and proactive approach. MAINEnergie does this, for example, through proactively warning customers by text message or email about a visible deviation in consumption. But also through avoiding presenting customers with an automated selection menu before they get to speak to a member of staff. At MAINEnergie, an employee immediately answers a customer’s call.

Custom-made services

QuandaGo enables a personal and proactive approach for logging customer contact on all channels. This is essential to acquire insight into the underlying reasons for the contact, the choice of channel, and the workload. All processes were mapped out and the reporting requirements were specified. The energy supplier wanted insight into the lead-time for each contact, in team comparisons and SLAs. To be able to act immediately in the case of deviations and anticipate points of improvement.

QuandaGo in action

QuandaGo has been implemented and all the members of staff who have contact with customers employ this omnichannel customer service platform. All calls, emails, self-service changes, invoices and customer targeted mailings are now organization wide and logged in the Process Engine for individual customers. Ensuring that employees are always up to speed regarding the personal situation of the customer and the up-to-date status of the customer contact. In addition, the marketing department has a proactive web care team that responds to customer interactions. Ramses Alma, Account Team Officer with MAINEnergie: “The communication between the departments has improved dramatically. When things went wrong in the past, a couple of emails were batted to and fro. Now, we employ a ‘dispute’ template and everyone is completely clear as to their task in the big picture.”

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