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Collaborative Case Management with Microsoft

Integrate Intelligent Process Management with Microsoft Teams

Reduce the time it takes to complete common cases by 50%

By integrating Microsoft Teams with QuandaGo cloud contact center and process automation solutions, companies can increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve revenue outcomes for today’s most common customer cases, including application approvals, payments & collections, and complaint resolution.

  • Enables front & back office collaboration and automation within Microsoft Teams
  • Intakes, tracks, and triggers actions to complete cases faster at lower cost
  • Provides complete 360° view of customer journey data, interactions and processes
  • Optimizes interactions and augments teams with greater insights & process automation

What is Collaborative Case Management?

Collaborative case management enables your contact center agents and back office employees to more efficiently work together to complete processes—faster with better business outcomes. The solution intakes and tracks cases, triggering the appropriate actions between team members, and automating processes from the contact center to the back office for completion.

QuandaGo Collaborative Case Management

The Benefits

Handling Times

Insights & Decisions

Process Efficiency

Key Features
Omnichannel Interactions
Personalized Engagement
360° Customer
Intelligent Process Automation
Front & Back
Office Collaboration
Continuous Conversations

QuandaGo Customers

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