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Analyst White Paper: Frost & Sullivan on Customer Experience Automation

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We recently teamed up with analyst firm Frost & Sullivan to take a look at the impact of customer experience automation on today’s companies – and not just in the call center but also in places like the back office and other parts of the business.

The analyst white paper, titled How Automation Improves the End-to-End Customer Journey, examines the customer experience automation trend and its benefits from a company-wide perspective. This includes a look at key developments and challenges around today’s customer experience, such as rising consumer expectations, the need for more personalization, modernizing operations, and overcoming the efficiency deficits that still abound in customer service at most companies.

According to the paper, “Organizations have invested in solutions that promised to streamline their contact center processes and consolidate their disparate systems to improve customer service while reducing operating costs. Sadly, in most cases, these promises were not realized.”

With automation that spans the end-to-end customer journey, companies are opening up new opportunities to streamline their customer interactions with agents, while automating a large number of previously manual tasks – in some cases as much as 85 percent.

According to the paper, “Frost & Sullivan believes that contact center automation can enable customers to complete many interactions in full self-service, while also assisting agents with after call work, updating customer records, onboarding new customers, and ensuring the proper compliance checks, among other features.”

Want to learn more?

Access the Frost & Sullivan white paper below and get the analyst perspective on the bigger picture for customer experience automation.

Get the white paper here.


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