VIDEO BLOG: Panel Discussion on Data-Driven Experiences

What’s Your Contact Center Automation Opportunity?

We recently held our second Virtual Customer Event of the year, which featured two panel sessions with experts from across the spectrum of customer experience. This included speakers from leading customer service BPO VANAD Engage, as well as data specialists Early Friday, and of course QuandaGo.

We covered the topic of data-driven experiences, and how they are shaping the CX of tomorrow. Specifically, we talked about the macro level issues changing consumers’ lives every day, such as the proliferation of data and devices and how the connected world of the future is taking CX and personalization to new levels. We also examined the operational impact today’s tsunami of customer data is having on how we run contact centers and manage customer journeys across other parts of the business, including the back office.

Finally, we looked into the cultural impact that being data-driven can have on companies and their people, and how this critical component of any data-driven strategy cannot be overlooked. Check out the tips for success shared by our experts.

Watch the video below, and be on the lookout for more video blogs coming soon, including the event’s second panel session featuring Teleperformance!

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How to Deliver Data-Driven Experiences

How to Deliver Data-Driven Experiences

We’re holding a virtual customer event tomorrow on How to Deliver Data-Driven Experiences. We’ll talk about the ever-increasing role of data in developing effective CX