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Calling without a telephone

It is becoming increasingly popular, the softphone. Certainly in combination with working from home, we see that the demand for a solution is increasing. Questions such as “Can I link a softphone to my existing customer contact platform?” and “Does anyone know a complete work from home solution?”. The softphone offers a solution for organizations that no longer want to invest in physical devices and need to quickly scale up and down workplaces.

All telephone calls at customer contact center arrive through a telephone exchange at the customer service agent. This can be via a desk phone – a physical device with a handset and push buttons, also called “hardphone.” But it can also be a “virtual” device on your computer – a “softphone”. Softphones have the same functionalities as a normal telephone that is connected to a traditional telephone exchange: for example, they have a number where they can be reached and you can connect to it.

With softphone you facilitate your agents optimally

Cloud applications such as QuandaGo can work with softphones in two ways. A standard softphone is built into the agent desktop of QuandaGo. As soon as a user logs in to QuandaGo, the application sees whether this employee needs an QuandaGo softphone or if an other telephony solution is used. In that case QuandaGo is linked to a softphone or hardphone from the available telephony solution. The QuandaGo softphone is only intended to receive calls that are distributed from the contact center environment to employees who are logged in to that environment.

In both cases, the employee uses a headset, a mouse and a keyboard to control all telephone functions. This not only saves space at the workplace (there is no longer a fixed device to be found), but it also works better. Your hands are fully available for screen work, as an employee you do not have to operate a separate device for logging in and out and taking, putting on hold or transferring phone calls.

The benefits of the softphone

Companies that use softphone functionality avoid the costs of investing, managing and maintaining hardware. Companies that work entirely with softphones do not have to deal with the costs for a separate telephone network either. And last but not least, softphones allow you to quickly scale up and down: a new workplace with an internet connection is enough to call in an employee.

And for those who still have doubts about the benefits of softphones: the conversations we have from our smartphone, laptops and tablets with apps such as Facetime, Skype, Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp are also applications of softphones. Very handy.


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