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Industry’s First Connected Experience Platform

QuandaGo Connected Experience Platform

QuandaGo Launches Industry’s First Connected Experience Platform

Newly formed cloud CX software company brings together omnichannel contact centers, knowledge management and business process automation in a single solution

ROTTERDAM, October 07, 2019 — QuandaGo, a customer experience software company, today announced the release of its QuandaGo Connected Experience Platform, delivering contact centers, knowledge management and business process automation together in a single, integrated solution. The new cloud-based platform enables companies to turn-on a cloud contact center, integrate company-wide data sources, and automate workflows across the business. The platform is available today and in use by leading companies in the retail, energy, financial sevices, communications, and consumer services sectors, including Blokker, Engie, and Dela.

Bridging the Customer Experience Disconnect

QuandaGo’s mission is to connect the experience for customers, agents and companies. Consider that today’s digital customers use an average of three interaction channels with half using four, five or more. At the same time, customer service agents are challenged with disconnected platforms and customer data, and the inability to efficiently collaborate with employees outside of the contact center to complete business processes—using as many as 10 desktops and systems to serve a single customer.

Introducing the QuandaGo Connected Experience Platform

QuandaGo helps businesses overcome today’s customer experience disconnect with the new QuandaGo Connected Experience Platform. The platform runs on Amazon infrastructure and provides companies with fully flexible, pay-as-you-go deployment models. The platform enables companies to connect the experience in the following ways:

  • Turn on an Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center: The QuandaGo Connected Experience Platform provides all the technology and tools to quickly activate a modern-day, dynamic cloud contact center—in days, not weeks. The platform is built around advanced routing and management of omnichannel customer interactions with cross-channel visibility for reporting and analytics. This includes support for voice, email, social media, mobile, web, chat bots, messaging, mobile apps, voice apps, and future platforms.
  • Integrate Company-Wide Data Sources: The QuandaGo Connected Experience Platform enables companies to bring together company-wide data, making it available in a single place for agents, as well as for customers in self-service. QuandaGo takes a purely open ecosystem approach, giving customers 100% flexibility when integrating to existing and future enterprise apps, systems, and data. This includes data from CRM and ERP apps, document management systems, mobile apps, as well as any third-party sources via APIs —and Internet of Things (IoT) devices today and in the future. 
  • Automate Workflows Across the Business: The QuandaGo Connected Experience Platform provides company-wide process orchestration, using business rules, artificial intelligence and machine learning, to help automate interactions and workflows. This includes integrating actions and data from the contact center with business processes and employees in the back office, or any part of the company. QuandaGo enables companies to optimize—and in some cases completely automate—processes. This includes common tasks like pre-populating forms and reporting, providing next best actions, and reducing after call work, as well as more complex use cases like new customer on-boarding, payment and dispute management, proactive selling, collections, churn management, and more. 

“Today’s companies have a huge opportunity to create more personalized, more trusted, and more valuable relationships with their customers,” said Arthur Nederlof, chief executive officer, QuandaGo. “We aim to help companies get there with our ‘hands-on’ experience and expertise, and the release of our new QuandaGo Connected Experience Platform.”

About QuandaGo

Quandago is a cloud customer experience software company focused on contact centers, knowledge management, and business automation. QuandaGo was formed by bringing together the Aloha, Artificial Industry and Morphis businesses into a single company and platform offering. Today, the newly combined company manages more than 100 million interactions for customers in the retail, services, utilities, financial services and communications industries.



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