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QuandaGo Helps Utilities Innovator ENGIE Compete on Customer Experience

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The energy sector has grown increasingly competitive in recent years with the popularity of green and renewable energies. Delivering a high-quality customer experience is critical to success in this environment but this is no easy feat, particularly for companies with legacy technologies and disconnected systems. 

These are challenges that the multinational utility company ENGIE is all too familiar. 

The company experienced firsthand how operational difficulties can quickly travel from the back-office to the frontlines of customer service, negatively impacting both agent and customer experiences. Employees needed deep systems expertise to resolve the majority of customer issues, meaning that journeys were often disconnected, lengthy and overly cumbersome. ENGIE’s contact center was further challenged as business procedures didn’t match customer interactions and typical dialogues, leading to decreased customer satisfaction and increased service costs. 

Modernizing Contact Center Operations with the QuandaGo CX Platform 

ENGIE knew it needed a modern contact center platform to address these challenges, differentiate its brand, and maintain and capture new customer relationships. After evaluating different technologies, the company ultimately selected QuandaGo due to its ability to unify customer data, systems, and apps in a modern contact center environment. 

Turning on the QuandaGo platform enabled ENGIE to embrace an omnichannel support model, in which agents can efficiently move between channels to better serve customers. In addition, the platform makes it easy to determine next best actions and connect customers to the right resources—whether it’s self-service, direct access to agents, back-office employees, or remote workers.  

Leveraging the Power of Automation 

Another benefit of the QuandaGo solution is its ability to automate numerous routine contact center tasks while also streamlining workflows that touch other areas of the business. For example:

·      Change of customer details 

·      Payment arrangements 

·      Renewals

·      Change of address 

By offloading these repetitive tasks agents are free to focus on more complex customer issues, thereby further improving the customer and agent experience alike.  

Among the benefits ENGIE has realized since turning on the QuandaGo platform are: 

·      85% of all contact center tasks are now supported by CX automation 

·      200 second reduction in average handle time 

·      50% increase in Net Promoter Score 

Reengineering the Contact Center around Customer Experience 

By modernizing its contact center operations with QuandaGo, ENGIE has dramatically improved the speed at which it serves customers and, in so doing, the overall experience. To learn more about how QuandaGo can help you leverage process automation in your contact center and back office, click here for a short DEMO.  


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