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How BPO Gradén Mattsson Offers New Services with the QuandaGo Platform

Gradén Mattsson Offers New Services with the QuandaGo Platform

In a previous post, we examined how this is a pivotal time for the BPO industry, one in which those companies that capitalize on technology innovations to become trusted partners in their clients’ customer engagement strategies are those best primed for success in the future. 

Swedish customer service BPO Gradén Mattsson is one such organization. The company differentiates its BPO services by working directly with clients as an extension of the brand and business, while simultaneously identifying areas for customer service improvement and additional collaboration. 

As Gradén Mattsson pursued new growth opportunities, it became clear that it needed a modern, flexible technology solution that could cost-effectively support multiple client needs and use cases. In addition, the company wanted an omnichannel contact center platform that could provide customers more opportunities for self-service, and also deliver a broader set of services such as chatbots or digital agents powered by automation, and customer experience analytics to continuously optimize performance for clients. 

CX Automation the QuandaGo Way 

Due to its ability to deliver on these and other modern day BPO priorities, including enabling remote agents. the QuandaGo solution was the natural choice. Since turning on the platform, Gradén Mattsson now enables a broader set of use cases, including:

·       Support for all digital channels and traditional voice interactions

·       Advanced self-service applications

·       A unified agent desktop that can pull in data from any application or system 

·       Process automation to eliminate manual and repetitive tasks for agents 

Deepening Client Relationships Through CX Consultancy 

In addition, working with the QuandaGo platform and team enables Gradén Mattsson to transform its business and provide CX consultancy services to its clients. By applying customer experience analytics to key areas of the customer journey, the company’s CX experts can: 

  • Identify interactions with potential sales opportunities and provide intelligence to agents to improve conversions, including proactive contact and suggested next best actions 
  • Use automated chatbots to digitally engage with customers and identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities 
  • Improve conversions during inbound contacts based on analyzing customer patterns and initiating sales engagement at the right time 

Or as Jan Gapinski, COO at Gradén Mattsson put it, “In the future, we’ll continue to expand and provide new types of services to become more of an automation and consultancy company, providing advanced software apps and CX consultants that can truly help our clients optimize the customer experience they deliver.” 

Click here to learn more from Gapinski about how the QuandaGo platform has enabled Gradén Mattsson to innovate and deliver a broader range of new CX services to its clients.


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