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How to create synergy between sales channels in your contact center?

We’ve said it for some time now, your customers expect a seamless contact center experience. Not only do they often find themselves being passed from agent to agent, often when your agent identifies an upsell opportunity, your sales team can receive lead information fragmented and unclear. A solution that supports cold sales to warm prospecting is needed to create synergy, so what can you do?

If your agent identifies an upsell opportunity, data is key. The lead including the context needs to be pushed to your outbound sales team. They need the data for the pitch towards your customer to drive conversion and discover what’s needed. After the pitch is successful, it’s key to gather all information to make a contract and close the deal. At QuandaGo, we have seen hundreds of examples where this synergy and data driven sales can be provided, and now, we have a new solution for that business challenge.

QuandaGo and Salesboard launch a joint proposition that enhances synergy between sales channels and takes a deep dive into this opportunity. Salesboard is a web based solution that helps to efficiently and effectively run all remote and face-to-face sales channels and removes bridges in-between those channels. Over 5 million sales pitches are performed in the energy, solar, fundraising, telecommunications industry each month, and many more industries are joining.

The integrated solution we’ve created anticipates the challenges that companies face when trying to switch from cold sales to warm prospecting. “Many brands use different channels to speak to their customers and prospects on a personal level: inbound and outbound sales call centers, inbound support, field service and field sales” said Ivo Wentholt, Founder & CEO of Salesboard. “In almost every case, all these channels operate as silos, with their own teams, KPIs, data sources and tech stacks. With this partnership we are able to break down these silos.”

This will boost up- and cross sell activities while increasing customer satisfaction and lowering costs. With this solution, warm leads can be identified in the various sales channels that QuandaGo and Salesboard support and will automatically be handed over to the most suitable channels, ensuring a tailored customer approach.

Radboud Heinink, Business Development Manager at QuandaGo: “The power of QuandaGo together with SalesBoard centers on our combined ability to create more value for our customers and their end users. “We’re excited to work with Salesboard and our joint customers to bring this new level of inbound service to sales conversion to contact centers and the back office.”

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