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How Omnichannel Agent Desktops Benefit Your Customers

How Omnichannel Desktops Benefit Your Customers

Your customers expect a seamless contact center experience but it rarely happens. More often than not, they find themselves being passed from agent to agent, having to explain the same issue over and over. It’s reason enough to lose faith in any company and for customers to take their business elsewhere. 

And they do according to a PwC survey which found that 1 in 3 customers will leave a brand they love after just one bad experience, while 92% would completely abandon a company after two or three negative interactions. Customer loyalty stats are not new. In fact, they have not changed much over the years. Customers demand a positive, consistent experience. They did yesterday, they do today and they will tomorrow. This is why omnichannel solutions are a critical requirement for companies who want to provide consistent, connected customer experiences.

We love digital first, but…

There’s a lot of talk about “digital-first” experiences these days. New conversational AI solutions are changing the way customers first engage with a company. When everything goes right, a powerful conversational AI solution can do wonders for customers, helping them get what they need without waiting for an agent. 

But what happens when things go wrong? Inevitably, a customer service or contact center agent is required to save the day, helping solve the problem — and keeping the customer. And that’s where the value of a unified agent desktop comes in.

Delivering consistent omnichannel customer conversations depends on having the right technology in place to provide a unified view of the customer to agents, including their current interaction and what’s just happened, as well as their history of interactions across channels. But, many organizations still have disconnected legacy systems in use and no centralized place to access all of the data from previous interactions and today’s abundant customer apps. This alone can impact the customer experience by frustrating not only your customer but also forcing contact center agents to look for answers across multiple systems and applications. 

In today’s omnichannel world — and it’s not just retail anymore — it’s vital to ensure your agents have the right information to resolve customer needs and help them get what they need, in the moment. Fortunately, today’s unified omnichannel agent desktops are helping both contact center managers and agents get a better handle on the ever-increasing flow of customer information by bringing more data sources together and presenting it in an easy-to-use agent interface. The customer benefits are clear, including:

  • Removes repetitive interactions: Agents can access the context of interactions to avoid the need for customers to repeat the same information to each agent in the event they are transferred.
  • Delivers first-contact resolution: By having the right customer information at their fingertips, agents can solve issues faster, making your customers happy.
  • Personalizes interactions: Empowered agents, with knowledge and tools, are able to deliver more personalized service, giving your customers the best experience possible.

And, your agents and company benefit, including:

  • Empowers agents: Break down department silos by bringing together customer data and making it available to agents in the contact center. By having the right tools in place to integrate data and knowledge from other systems, contact center managers can drive a more cohesive customer experience with better informed agents.
  • Increases agent efficiency: By connecting all the bits and pieces of complex customer journeys and presenting them to the agent in a way that enables simple workflows, and also supports exceptions and escalations when things go wrong, will greatly improve agent efficiency and streamline the customer experience.
  • Reduces agent turnover: When your agents are happy, they are better able to satisfy customers. By providing easy-to-use technology and centralized data access, you will see an improvement in agent staff morale, motivation, and satisfaction.
Delivering a 360 degree view of the customer experience with QuandaGo
QuandaGo Unified Agent Desktop

While there are many unified contact center agent desktops on the market, QuandaGo brings a unique approach to by combining an omnichannel contact center solution and knowledge management and intelligent process automation. This combination not only helps companies and agents manage interactions over multiple channels, but it also enables easier access to customer data for agents and proactively supports them with process automation to complete tasks faster, such as sending confirmations to customers and completing after call work. In short, with the QuandaGo unified agent desktop in place, you can:

  • Connect digital channels and voice in a single place for agents.
  • Eliminate the need for agents to search for answers in multiple systems.
  • Support agent tasks, processes and after-call-work with automation.
  • Reduce average handle times for common customer interactions in both customer self-service and live agent support.

If you’d like to learn more, watch our latest On-Demand DEMO Webinar: Managing Omnichannel Customer Experiences with the QuandaGo Unified Agent Desktop.

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