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IVR or Voice Routing: For a Seamless Customer Experience, the Choice is Clear

Are you ready to step into the future of customer service? The choice is clear: it’s time to leave the traditional IVR system behind and embrace the power of Voice Routing.

Think of IVR as a sluggish sailboat, struggling to reach its destination in a sea of options. Meanwhile, Voice Routing is like a high-speed yacht, smoothly navigating towards a successful resolution with ease. With Voice Routing, your customers will no longer have to navigate through a maze of options and will instead be directly connected to a live agent with just a single prompt.

Not only does Voice Routing offer a smoother experience for your customers, but it also saves valuable time for both your customers and your agents. IVR can cause high abandonment rates, leading to a frustrated customer base and longer wait times for those who do stay on the line. Meanwhile, Voice Routing reduces wait times and improves customer satisfaction, allowing you to provide the seamless and efficient service your customers deserve.

QuandaGo is continuously innovating. Making the platform run smoother every day and introducing new functionalities. Voice Routing is an example of such a new feature… This innovative solution promises to revolutionize the way businesses communicate and manage their customer interactions.

With Voice Routing, businesses can immediately and effectively route calls to the right representative directly based on the caller’s needs. This way customers spend less time in the IVR which significantly reduces the number of abandoned calls. And by clearly understanding the customer’s needs Voice Routing reduces the number of misrouted calls, avoiding unnecessary transfers and extra handling. This way Voice Routing has a direct impact on improving customer experience and streamlining internal operations .

If you’re interested in starting to use Voice Routing, please contact us to learn more.


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