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Kicking Off the QuandaGo Community — Join Us!

Kicking Off the QuandaGo Community

We recently held our first QuandaGo virtual customer event with a great turnout, including many customers and people close to QuandaGo. In addition to discussing the latest CX innovations, use cases, and trends, the event served as a great way to bring together the various members of our growing QuandaGo community. This of course includes our customers, but also our partners, our employees, industry influencers and thought leaders.

Here at QuandaGo, of course, we are a software company. We deliver solutions that optimize customer experiences and related processes from the contact center to the back office. But we strive for something more, including making meaningful and lasting connections with our customers, working together with our partners to achieve the best outcomes, and innovating CX in ways that benefit both end customers and the business.

Are You Engaging with the QuandaGo Community?

When it comes to building our community, we’re just getting started. We look forward to putting on more events and implementing more ways to keep us all connected and working together in the future. This includes continued sharing of CX knowledge and QuandaGo info on our LinkedIn page. If you are not already following us on LinkedIn, consider doing it today. We post daily in a way that is designed to help you do your job and learn from the latest best practices. You can find the QuandaGo LinkedIn page here for more information.

We’ve also been carrying new monthly DEMO webinars here in 2021. These 30-minute DEMO-driven sessions show our community just how the QuandaGo solution works. They’re designed to use your time wisely, while providing information and insights you can use. You can watch our most recent DEMO webinars on-demand, including Omnichannel Contact Center Agent Desktops, How to Integrate Messaging Apps into Your Contact Center, and Unifying Customer Insights for Agents and Customers, featuring insurer DELA. We are holding our next DEMO webinar on June 24 at 11:00 CET on How to Build a Case Management System with QuandaGo. Please join us, you can sign up here.

Finally, in case you missed the recent QuandaGo Virtual Customer Event — or would like to share it with colleagues or view any of the sessions again — you can find the sessions from the event on-demand below for your viewing convenience. This includes our CX Innovation and Customer Panels and the DEMO session on end-to-end customer journey management.

We hope to see you soon at our next webinar or community event!

VIRTUAL EVENT SESSION REPLAY: #CX Innovation Panel on data analytics, predictive CX and Conversational AI

VIRTUAL EVENT SESSION REPLAY: End-to-End Customer Journey Management DEMO

VIRTUAL EVENT SESSION REPLAY: Customer Panel Featuring CX Leaders from RTL Group, HVC Energy and QuandaGo


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