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How to Kickstart Intelligent Process Automation

how to kick start intelligent process automation

When applied to your business processes or customer service, intelligent process automation can reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve the experience for both your customers and contact center agents — with the potential to deliver big financial returns for your business.

However, getting it right requires taking the right steps, from the start. Whether you’re just beginning to explore process automation or looking for ways to optimize your current approach, below we offer three tips for kickstarting your efforts. Take a look:  

1. Connect in all data sources

The more data, the better your AI and automation systems will perform — as well as your agents. Make sure you can access and integrate all the needed data sources for success, helping to ensure your analyzing and optimizing operations based on rich, real-time data sets.

2. Focus on end-to-end customer journeys

Automating just a single step in a customer journey, or a single task, can leave efficiency opportunities on the table. Instead, look at automation opportunities across customer journeys, including all the channels, people, and departments they touch. Automate where appropriate in the context of the entire workflow — while keeping agents and employees involved when needed. For example, by applying process automation from the contact center to the back office for case management, steps like identifying a customer and assigning a case manager can be fully automated.

3. Factor in the human impact

Finally, the human impact is a critical factor for success. Don’t think about automation as a way to replace people. Rather, the real benefit lies in automation’s ability to help people, including customers with innovative self-service applications and agents with automated after call work. In addition to fully automating some processes in self-service, such as order tracking or simple service requests, combining live support with intelligent process automation helps get work completed more quickly, while always ensuring customers have easy access to a real person if more help is needed.

Get CX Done Faster

Fortunately, there are lots of process automation opportunities in customer service —- from the contact center to back office. If you’d like to learn more, including more automation use cases, check out this Business Impact Guide on the CX Automation Opportunity.

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