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QuandaGo and Tritel Communications revolutionize healthcare customer services for Intellicare in Asia / Philippines 

Intellicare chooses QuandaGo to further streamline CX processes.

In a strategic move to enhance customer interactions and streamline their CX processes, Intellicare, a prominent HMO healthcare provider in the Philippines, has partnered with Tritel Communications. Tritel is the leading vendor of the QuandaGo state of the art customer experience management platform. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in Intellicare’s commitment to delivering top-notch service to its clients.

Tritel’s expertise in optimizing customer interactions aligns seamlessly with Intellicare’s mission to provide efficient and personalized healthcare services. The decision to leverage the QuandaGo platform for this underscores Intellicare’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements to meet the evolving needs of their customers.

By  engaging  QuandaGo’s expert center in the Philippines, Tritel, Intellicare aims to harness the local talent pool to further refine and customize its customer service initiatives. Tritel’s strategic location ensures that Intellicare benefits not only from QuandaGo’s cutting-edge technology but also from the rich experience and cultural understanding of the Filipino workforce.

The integration of QuandaGo’s platform is expected to streamline Intellicare’s customer experience processes, providing a more efficient and seamless journey for its clients. By leveraging QuandaGo’s innovative solutions, Intellicare anticipates enhanced customer satisfaction, increased operational efficiency with process automation, and a strengthened position in the competitive healthcare landscape of the Philippines.

Intellicare’s choice to use  QuandaGo demonstrates its commitment to elevating customer experiences, leveraging technology, fostering local talent, and adhering to high security standards. This partnership marks a significant milestone in Intellicare’s journey towards becoming a customer-centric healthcare provider in the Philippines.

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