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QuandaGo launches Virtual Queue

QuandaGo, provider of cloud-based customer contact software, is launching Virtual Queue today: a smart solution for appointment agencies and GP practices that struggle with poor accessibility during peak times.

For years, clients and patients who, for example, want to make an appointment for a GP consultation in the morning, have been confronted with long waiting times on the telephone. The use of Virtual Queue, a simple solution, eases the pressure for the caller and for the practice assistant and facilitates the process of scheduling appointments.

Niek Bos, VP Sales & Partner Manager QuandaGo: “Dealing with temporary peak loads on the telephone remains a challenge for healthcare providers and appointment agencies. Many practices and appointment agencies hardly have any idea of their accessibility. As a result, they do not know how many calls they are missing, but they also have no idea how great the frustrations are with clients or patients. Practices and appointment agencies leave out opportunities for working in a more patient-oriented way. “

With Virtual Queue, the assistant or operator is relieved. The application records the caller’s position in a queue and offers the caller the option to be called back. This is possible when the caller first comes out of the queue. But Virtual Queue also offers the option of calling back at a specific time and even calling back at a different number. The application ensures that the next call can be answered by the assistant, or that Virtual Queue calls back a number.

Virtual Queue also provides insight into accessibility. This insight helps in making customer-oriented choices, such as setting up an appointment line and a recipe line. Virtual Queue is ideally suited for practices in general practice care, physiotherapy and dentistry or for outpatient clinic appointments. Also, ticketing agencies, campaigning agencies and breakdown services from service providers such as service providers and energy companies can effectively address the waiting time problem during peak periods with Virtual Queue.

The solution is easy to implement, because practices and appointment agencies usually have a well-arranged IT environment in which an agenda function is paramount. Moreover, it is easy to hire an additional operator, also from home. Virtual Queue can be purchased as a separate module, or as an additional service at QuandaGo.


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