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QuandaGo takes over Videosupport

QuandaGo, the provider of the cloud-based contact center application, announces that it will take over B.V. on September 20. With the acquisition, QuandaGo adds important new functionality to QuandaGo.

QuandaGo Video support is a web-based application that allows the help desk employee to temporarily take over the camera function of a customer’s smartphone. This enables the helpdesk employee to “watch” with the customer when making an inventory of damage, malfunctions or defects to devices or questions about the correct connection of equipment.

Niek Bos, VP Sales & Partner Manager QuandaGo: “Consumers are increasingly using advanced equipment more and more intensively – think of routers, smart central heating boilers, home automation or home cinema installations. If something is not functioning properly, it is often unclear what the cause is. Video support during customer contact speeds up and facilitates problem solving, by having the possibility of having an expert watch from a distance. That “extra pair of eyes” can also provide a definitive answer as to whether a technician visit is necessary and can help with the preparation of work by a technician, also in business environments. “

To activate QuandaGo Video Support, the customer receives – after explanation in advance – a link via email or text message. Clicking the link opens a web browser in which the camera image is displayed. The customer determines which camera (front or rear) is activated and can change it. The help desk employee can watch live. The customer can also see what the employee sees on the screen. The employee also has the option to capture photo or video images. The recorded information can be added to the customer file in, for example, a CRM application.

QuandaGo and have been working together for a long time. The acquisition came about because founder and owner Bart Luters wants to focus on his other entrepreneurial activities. Bart Luters: “As a company specializing in customer experience, QuandaGo is the best place where Video Support can be deployed and further developed.”

With the acquisition, QuandaGo can respond specifically to the strong rise of video in customer contact. Companies that work with mechanic services can use QuandaGo Video Support to optimize the deployment of technicians and thus realize cost savings of many thousands of euros per month. QuandaGo Video support is available as a stand-alone application and can also be supplied as a supplement to QuandaGo. Video support is suitable for use with iOS and Android smartphones.


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