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VIDEO: Executive Panel Session on Customer Experience Automation

Hear from the Experts on the Future of Customer Experience Automation

We recently hosted a customer executive panel discussion on Customer Experience Automation at CCW Europe in Amsterdam. Panelists Nick Baak from digital payments provider In3, Danny Kuivenhoven, Head of Digital Transformation at Teleperformance, our Chief Customer Officer Michel van Roon and Chief Marketing Officer Pete Wermter shared their perspectives on how today’s tsunami of data is opening up new opportunities for automation in the contact center—and the back office. For businesses, this translates to lower costs and better customer experiences.

Hear more about what our customers had to say below:

CCW Amsterdam — QuandaGo Customer Executive Panel Session on Customer Experience Automation

Key takeaways included: 

  • Contact centers have more data coming in from more channels and apps than ever before and, while there are certainly challenges, when properly harnessed this information can be a huge source of knowledge for better actions across organization.
  • When it comes to automation, companies should think beyond just the customer interaction in the contact center—for example, automating tasks in the back-office that impact the end-to-end customer journey, such as approving payment arrangements or finalizing applications or policy renewals.
  • It’s also critical to strike the right balance between automation and live agent interactions, as there are numerous instances in which the latter is required for more complex issues or exceptions. Easy access to a live agent—who gets the current call context and interaction history when connected with the customer—is a requirement for good customer experiences.
  • To be successful, companies should view automation not as a one-off project but rather as a continuous journey. Start your initiatives by automating a simple take first, and build on your success by exploring automation—and efficiency—opportunities across you business.

A big thanks to our panelists and all those in attendance. If you’d like to learn more about customer experience automation, please get in touch for a quick DEMO today!


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