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How QuandaGo Helped an Online Music Retailer Improve Agent Efficiency by 50% – With APIs and Automation

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QuandaGo’s mission is to help companies get customer service done – quickly, while delivering the best possible customer experience. To that end, we wanted to share the story of one of our current customers in the online retail space that sells musical instruments and accessories. Prior to engaging with QuandaGo, the company’s contact center operated in a siloed environment in which agents had to utilize numerous disjointed applications to resolve a single customer query. The online retailer knew it needed a modern contact center platform that would eliminate its internal silos and enable it to resolve customer issues more efficiently—increasing both customer and agent satisfaction.

Numerous Apps and Systems Impeding Customer Experience 

Every year, the online retailer ships hundreds of thousands of packages, containing musical instruments, production equipment, DJ gear, and other products. Over time the company deployed various software applications to manage its expanding business, resulting in a complex customer care environment. For example, the organization had separate applications for registering orders, looking up customer data, viewing web orders, and determining package tracking status. Whenever a customer would call into the contact center, agents would have to toggle between these and other systems in order to effectively serve customers. In addition, contact center agents lacked an efficient means of engaging with customers across emerging channels, such as social media or messaging apps. 

The QuandaGo Approach

Turning on the QuandaGo solution enabled the online music retailer to usher in a new era of customer service. Using APIs that retrieve various data from underlying systems, the company was able to unify all of its customer data, processes and applications into a centralized desktop, providing agents with easy access to relevant customer information and removing the need to login to various systems during the course of one customer interaction. In addition, QuandaGo makes it easy to engage with customers across all channels, including messaging, voice, web, social and mobile—ensuring that the online music retailer is providing a consistent, high-quality omnichannel experience at every customer touchpoint. 

The Power of CX Automation Between the Contact Center and Back Office

Another benefit of the QuandaGo platform is its ability to automate key use cases to further increase customer and contact center efficiency. For example, the online retailer has a back-office support department that handles problems with refunds, lost shipments, and similar issues. Under the legacy approach, when a customer initiated contact due to these reasons the agent would send an email requesting that an investigation be initiated. Often these emails would be incomplete or lack the necessary details, resulting in back-and-forth communication between the back-office employee and front-line agent—and significantly increasing the time it took to address the issue. 

With QuandaGo these and similar queries are now benefiting from automation, ensuring that all the relevant information is included from the outset and automating task and information requests between the front and back office – making it much easier to obtain the details needed to resolve the query. What’s more, QuandaGo lays the framework for ongoing optimization as the online music retailer can automate additional use cases and customer tasks as more data becomes available through the platform. 

CX Automation in Action: Returns Handling 

Returns handling is another example of a process that has been transformed through the QuandaGo solution. This used to be an extremely time-intensive process in which details had to be manually entered into numerous systems, often taking upwards of 15 minutes to process. Now, the online music retailer can complete a return in 1-2 minutes. 

As a result of turning on the QuandaGo platform, the online music retailer estimates its increased efficiency and reduced the time it takes to complete common requests by 50%. Rather than working in numerous different screens its agents now operate out of one unified desktop and are supported by task automation. This has increased both customer and agent satisfaction, and also laid the framework for more intelligent self-service in the future. 

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