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Visual Interactions Drive ‘Contactless CX’ During Coronavirus

Visual Interactions Drive ‘Contactless CX’ During Coronavirus

As companies worldwide adapt to a new normal with the Coronavirus, CX executives and contact center managers in particular have been forced to rethink everything they do. This includes where and how agents work, and what the customer experience of the future will look like with less physical interaction. While the challenges have been unprecedented, these ever changing conditions have fueled creativity, collaboration and new ways of thinking that we’ve never witnessed before. In fact, here at QuandaGo we’re seeing more innovation than ever with our customers. Below are a couple of examples, including improving service with visual interactions.

A Quick Pivot to Home Agents

Companies are successfully—and quickly—moving to CCaaS models that support home agents, enabling best practices to improve remote agent engagement and connectivity. One example is the story of broadcast, content and digital media provider RTL Group, who quickly ramped up home-based contact center agents as their business surged along with the virus. The company has successfully moved to a home-based agent operation that may even support a more permanent remote model moving forward to reduce costs. You can learn more in this Executive Q&A blog post with Head of Customer Care at RTL Group, Angela Muradin.

Driving ‘Contactless CX’ with Picture Support

Not surprisingly, the shift of to digital customer engagement has been greatly accelerated due to Coronavirus. In fact, many companies have seen their overall digital transformation efforts make multiple years of progress in just a few months time. This is not only great news for CX execs and contact center managers, but also for today’s increasingly digital customers.

One example that we’ve seen customers exploring is visual interactions for customer service, which is powered by the QuandaGo Picture Support feature. With picture support, customer service agents and field representatives—especially those in technical support and field service—can share visual images in a simple way that solves problems faster and greatly reduces the need for ‘in-person’ customer engagement. In fact, our customers have seen a 15-20% increase in first contact resolution and higher customer satisfaction as a result, including better Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

QuandaGo Picture Support is easy, here’s how it works:

  1. Connect with the customer—The customer engages with support usually via a mobile phone or web chat.
  2. Share the image—To enable picture sharing, the agent pushes a text or email—the customer can choose—with a link to open a web browser to take a picture.
  3. Resolve the problem—The customer takes a picture of the product or equipment and securely sends it to the agent, who can use the image to better analyze and resolve the problem, as well as adding notes and saving the images as part of the customer record.

Use cases for picture support can vary, but are geared towards industries where customers may require ‘in-person’ or more visual customer support to solve a problem. Digital media and communications providers, especially those with in-home equipment, such as routers or cable boxes, can benefit with shorter service calls and a reduced need for home visits. We’re also seeing use cases for insurance companies that can accelerate the claims process, for utilities providers that have a need to repair or update meters and monitoring equipment, and for companies that perform maintenance calls at customers’ homes or businesses, reducing missed appointments and increasing field service productivity. 

While video may be thought of as the ‘default’ channel for these types of interactions, our customers are finding that pictures are in fact more widely accepted by customers as they feel a better sense of privacy and data protection. With the QuandaGo feature, the end customer stays in complete control, sharing only images that they approve—without the need to use video.

If you’re interested in how QuandaGo Picture Support can help shorten handle times and reduce in-person engagements, sign up for a FREE 30-minute demo today!


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