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Webinar Replay: Product Roundtable on Conversational Analytics and Automation

Customer Experience Automation Webinar

Contact centers have been under staffing and efficiency pressure in recent years and the pandemic only added to these challenges. At the same time, customer expectations for effective support and personalization are only increasing. To thrive in this new world, it’s imperative that contact centers transform the way they operate, driving up the use of data analytics and automation to improve the overall customer experience.

But how can companies embark upon this journey? 

This is a topic QuandaGo recently explored in a product roundtable webinar hosted by InPar, a Portuguese training and consultancy company focused on customer experience management. Our Chief Product Officer Rene Matla and Rob Dankers from Product Management participated in the session, joined by Tiago Ruivo, Managing Partner at xseed and Rui Santos, Partner at InPar and President of the Board at ApreCS.

Watch the session as they talk about the future of conversational analytics and customer experience automation, and don’t miss the key takeaways below:

InPar | QuandaGo Webinar: Customer Experience Automation

Managing the End-to-End Customer Journey 

One of the main takeaways to emerge from the discussion is that if the contact center is to be perceived as a driver of customer experience improvement, it can no longer be isolated from other areas of the company. Rene shared how technology is fueling this change, with trends like conversational analytics empowering contact center leaders to better understand customer interactions and intents, and solving issues faster with the automation of tasks – in the contact center, but also in the back office.

For example, intent analysis can help identify the chief reasons people are calling into the contact center and pinpoint areas for improvement. Perhaps product guidelines could be updated to clarify a common point of confusion and reduce calls, or maybe the sales team needs further training in a particular area to avoid customer confusion down the road. Companies can also apply this approach to uncovering new sales and customer engagement opportunities, understanding what customers might want or need and proactively offering it to them in the form of a cross-sell or upsell offer.

Delivering a Personalized Experience that Also Benefits the Bottom Line

Another discussion point was how conversational analytics can be used to personalize the customer experience while simultaneously optimizing resources. For example, contact center leaders can now analyze 100% of calls and interactions to uncover opportunities to improve CX quality and be more efficient with workflows. Advanced uses include sentiment analysis to detect customers’ emotional states and determine whether a live agent interaction would be more valuable than an automated one. This can be especially valuable when customers are at risk of churning.

The Right Platform 

These and other trends shaping the customer experience of the future are only possible with an open platform that enables your company to effectively manage omnichannel interactions, while enabling automation use cases across the contact center and back office. Companies can automate tasks for both agents and customers, supporting the latter with intuitive self-service options, and analyze interactions across the entire customer journey. And for many, they need to – and can – keep their current  contact center infrastructure in place.

If you’d like to see how automation can improve your contact center and CX – on top of your current contact center or as part of a single QuandaGo solution, get in touch today!


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