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Customer Journey Automation

QuandaGo enables you to automate interactions and workflows across the contact center, back office, and any part of your business. Leverage fully automated agents powered by multi-channel bots and intelligent process automation to manage and complete the majority of customer interactions without the need for a live agent.

Accelerate the customer journey and increase the efficiency of your business, while freeing up your agents to focus on high-value interactions and complex issues where customers need more attention.

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Runs on your current contact center infrastructure

Use the QuandaGo applications as stand-alone products are all together for maximum efficiency.

Conversational Analytics

Understand customer intent in real-time — determine the next best action to seamlessly connect the experience.

Automated Agents

Deliver fully automated agent experiences for common requests and processes using AI-powered, multichannel bots

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Agent Assist

A four-step approach to simplify, optimize, automate, and reorganize your customer journey

Any Contact Center

Keep your current infrastructure in place – or use the QuandaGo cloud contact center

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