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Are You Making it Hard for Your Customers to Get Things Done?

Are You Making it Hard for Your Customers to Things Done?

According to the 2022 Gartner Customer Service and Support Priorities Poll, 53% of organizations don’t believe they make it easy for customers to handle their issues or requests. Not surprisingly, addressing this is a chief focus area for companies, with 45% of respondents saying improving operational excellence is their second priority this year, just behind growing the business. 

At QuandaGo, our mission is to help you get customer service done. And while there are numerous reasons organizations struggle with efficiency and completing customer requests, in our experience there are three primary drivers—and a general lack of connectivity between them—that contribute to this:

  • Interactions — enabling the full range of customer communications over any channel, including voice, bots, messaging apps, web chat, email and social media.
  • Knowledge — capturing the valuable customer data that resides across your business and making it available to customers and agents at the right time to fulfill requests and transactions.
  • Processes — connecting and automating tasks across the customer journey through to completion, including things happening in the contact center and those that extend to the back office and other parts of the business until they are ultimately done.

The good news is that these areas can now be more easily tied together and you can reach new levels of CX efficiency by following three key steps: 

1.     Connect to the Right Resource 

One of the most challenging parts of effectively managing the customer journey is determining who is contacting the company and why—and getting them to the right resource, including self-service and live agent support. With the right modern contact center platform, companies can use conversational AI, dialogue management and intelligent omnichannel routing to get customers connected to the best resource the first time. Increasingly, organizations are also using AI and automation to empower customers to resolve their issues via self-service. But when a live agent is required, it’s imperative that this process be as easy and seamless as possible. 

2.     Deliver Exact Information 

Companies have more information than ever on their customers, housed in a variety of systems and applications. This means that agents are frequently forced to move between multiple user interfaces and apps to search for relevant information, all while the customer waits. Organizations can recoup valuable time and improve both the customer and agent experience by unifying customer information in a single desktop. With easier access to this data, companies can perform real-time analytics to determine more precise and personalized experiences—further improving operational efficiency. 

3.     Automate Manual Tasks

Intelligent process automation solutions can automate many manual, repetitive tasks like updating customer records, onboarding a new customer or handling a change of address form. To ensure automation success, companies should look across the end-to-end customer journey as automation solutions can often complete back-end customer processes without ever involving an agent. 
The quest for greater operational efficiency may seem daunting, but the truth is that delivering a better experience for agents and customers alike is well within companies’ grasp.

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