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Call controlling in Salesforce: Now integrated with QuandaGo

Together with our integration partner Loyally, QuandaGo introduces Call Controlling for Salesforce. You are now able to handle voice and non-voice channels from one single application.

Handling calls and interactions from inside your CRM system is crucial for providing efficient and personalized customer service. It allows for easy access to customer data, streamlined call handling, and the ability to log call and interactions details for future reference. By having all necessary information and tools on one single application, employees can focus on the task at hand without constantly switching between applications or windows for voice and non-voice. This leads to faster task completion, fewer errors, and a more organized workflow.

Joost Plugge – Sales Manager The Netherlands, explains “as QuandaGo we promote single application working for contact center agents. That’s why we integrated QuandaGo Call Controlling for Salesforce. The agent and the contact center are now able to handle their voice and non-voice channels in one application while keeping essential features such as skills based routing and queues.” He explains further in the video below, with English subtitles.

Interested? QuandaGo is now available for Salesforce customers, get a demo here or get in touch with us!


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