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QuandaGo Conversational Analytics activated by ChatGPT

This week, QuandaGo unveiled a new development where some of ChatGPT’s core technologies have been incorporated into QuandaGo’s own Conversational Analytics solution. 

QuandaGo is a leading European provider of Contact Center and CX Automation solutions. As part of this value proposition, QuandaGo has been active with Conversational Analytics technology as an enhancement of its platform for a longer period of time. But by leveraging some of the core technologies known to the larger audience through ChatGPT, QuandaGo Conversational Analytics has now become even more powerful. 

QuandaGo Conversational Analytics offers a great set of features and benefits to organizations that run a Contact Center or have a Customer Service department. In such a situation, organizations sit on an incredibly valuable source of information. A source of information which today is still largely neglected and untapped: the actual conversations they have with their customers, be it voice, email, chat or other. 

By being able to analyze, interpret, understand and report on 100% of these interactions, organizations gain tremendous insights in their business. Insights in what happens ‘under the hood’ … in what customers actually think of the organization’s products or services, in how their support or service organization performs, but also in why customers actually reach out, where they get ‘stuck’ in the organization’s processes and procedures, which (internal) processes need to be improved, what they say about the competition, how the individual operators perform, how they are perceived, etc. 

The possible use-cases and related benefits and insights are endless. The value Conversational Analytics can have for your business can be massive. Both internally in terms of efficiency, optimizing business processes, better supporting and engaging with your operators, etc. as well as externally, in being able to better understand and service your customers and having the attributes to outperform your competition, etc.  

And by combining QuandaGo’s Conversational Analytics with the power that enables ChatGPT, this opens a whole world of additional opportunities. 

QuandaGo Conversational Analytics runs in any environment and in combination with any contact center solution. Are you interested in what this could do for you or for your organization? Feel free to reach out to us via the link below. It would be our pleasure to talk you through some of our use-cases and to give you some insights in what this solution can do for your business.

Also, feel free to reach out for a demo if you’d like to see Conversational Analytics in action.


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