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Help Customers Feel Less Isolated with the Human Channel

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As the contact center software industry rapidly moves toward building digital-first experiences for customers, it’s important to remember that this should not come at the expense of the “human” channel, including voice, messaging apps and live agent chat. Sure, applications that automate interactions and deliver natural, highly personalized digital-only experiences are on the rise — and they are doing amazing things in the CX space. But, people will always value the connection to a real person, and more specifically to a real person’s voice. 

There’s little doubt that the COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the move to digital business models. And most experts agree that the changes are more or less here to stay with digital interactions and transactions being conducted more than ever before. But the voice channel is still the dominant channel in today’s contact centers, helping companies maintain more personal connections with their customers, especially during this time of “contactless” CX.

Consider the following:

  • Voice interactions can still account for up to 50 percent or more of all interactions
  • Customers prefer the support of a real person for complex or sensitive issues
  • Human support provides the empathy needed to deliver a good customer experience

How does the human channel fit into your omnichannel strategy, and will this change in the future? 

Fortunately, QuandaGo contact center software can help you navigate the path to more digital and automated experiences without sacrificing the human touch and key channels like voice for more complex issues and resolution. We can help you effectively integrate and manage your live support channels as part of your omnichannel contact center software solution — without impacting any new CX innovation opportunities that you can realize with AI and automation. We’re also working with Microsoft Teams to connect contact center agents with Teams users in the back office and better support them with process automation, providing another unique combination that blends employee connectivity and automation to better support customers. 

If you’d like to learn more about how to implement a seamless omnichannel contact center — that includes voice and all digital channels — with a unified agent desktop, join us for a 30-minute DEMO Webinar on Thursday, April 8 at 16:00 CET. We’ll show you how to:

  • Connect digital channels and voice together in a unified agent desktop
  • Eliminate the need for agents to search for answers in multiple systems
  • Support agent tasks, processes and after-call-work with automation
  • Shorten average handle times for the most common customer interactions

Make better connections with your customers — and life better for your agents.

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