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Customer Effort Score

The Customer Effort score is a interesting measure for customer loyalty. Every company can measure customer satisfaction time during the customer journey with this measure. We at QuandaGo has been triggered by the Customer Effort score. 

The idea is that customer loyalty is increased more by efficient and consistent service than by presentations or other short-lived moments of happiness. In our interpretation, this certainly applies to companies that supply products that are not immediately characterized as ‘hot’. Companies such as banks, insurers, energy companies and telco’s have customers who value stability and quality in service. 

Once such a customer sees a problem being solved quickly and easily by his supplier, his willingness to switch to a competitor with a slightly better offer is greatly reduced. Because why would he? He weighs the value of the better offer against the risk of getting into trouble with the new supplier. And if a product does not interest you much, trouble-solving problems is therefore a major torment. And that awareness drives loyalty.

With the aforementioned companies, the customer is not concerned with the upper limit of service quality, but with the lower limit. Under no circumstances may the service be included. It undermines confidence and therefore loyalty. If the customer expects sevens, it is not about achieving a few eights or nines, but about completely avoiding the six!

We see at a number of our customers that in recent years the focus has shifted to raising the lower limit. And that means that customer expectations are no longer achieved on any level. At the same time, a critical look is also taken at the return on performance.

It is an effort not to be underestimated to no longer achieve unsatisfactory results across the board. Often more difficult than getting a few nines! However, we see with our customers that this effort pays off twice and for all. And that is another piece of proof of our vision.


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