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Digital Transformation Trends 2020: Connecting Experience Ranks #1

Connecting Consumer Experience

A newly released report from API management provider Mulesoft sheds new light on the strategic importance connecting the experience for today’s consumers. The study, which includes surveys from 850 global IT leaders and 9,000 consumers, found that the consumer experience was at the core of digital transformation, and a key driver of today’s digital initiatives.

The results of the survey provide insight for customer experience execs and business leaders, providing more proof that consumer demands and pressure on the IT department to deliver a connected experience are greater than ever. Consider these stats from the survey below:

  • 69% of consumers say a disconnected experience would make them consider changing service providers.
  • 71% of IT decision makers report customer experience is a top goal of digital transformation initiatives.
  • 93% of business leaders say delivering a relevant and reliable customer experience will be critical to overall performance

The Mulesoft survey also revealed another staggering statistic that suggests why companies are so challenged in delivering a connected experience today. Are you ready?

The average number of applications used in organizations is 900.

Wow! That’s massive, and it explains why not just the IT department, but also line of business managers, contact center managers, and even back office teams are working together to connect today’s consumer experience.

According to the survey, the other major CX disconnect that’s contributing to the problem-—as a result of this rapid influx of hundreds of apps in the enterprise-—is disconnected data. In fact, 83% of IT leaders surveyed said that data silos are creating business challenges in their organization. But there is good news. More than half of respondents reported that they are investing in data and analytics solutions to help solve the problem.

Another area of investment is around artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Companies are implementing new technologies to personalize service and increase productivity, according to the survey. The shift to AI and ML for certain tasks is expected to increase in 2020 and beyond. Here’s how survey respondents reported their progress in key areas as of today:

  • 56% have deployed machine learning technology.
  • 53% have deployed basic task automation.
  • 39% have deployed virtual agents or chatbots.

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