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Innovative Retailer Blokker Transforms #CX with QuandaGo

Innovative Retailer Blokker Transforms #CX with QuandaGo

Leading retailer Blokker is focused on delivering the best customer experience in the business—across its country-wide network of physical locations, as well as its growing digital platform business. In case you didn’t know it, Blokker is a leading and innovative Dutch retailer, selling just about everything for your home, including household electronics, cooking and dining products, personal care, toys, luggage and leisure goods—just to name a few.

In a highly competitive market that is going under massive digital transformation worldwide, Blokker seized on an opportunity to innovate its customer experience by improving both its contact center efficiency and business processes.

Continuous Improvements to Customer Experience

Using the QuandaGo platform, Blokker conducts deep analysis of its complex customer interactions to enable continuous improvements to operations and experience—for both customers and agents. This includes integrating and analyzing data from a range of sources across the business to improve agent knowledge and efficiency, and also providing easier access to personalized information for customers.

At the same time, the platform is serving as a launch pad for Blokker to innovate with new CX technologies. This includes automation capabilities that eliminate or simplify tasks for customers and agents, including form completions and web site interactions. In fact, the company effectively implemented 24×7 chat bot support for its customers—an area where even today’s leading global retailers have been challenged to get right with customers. The key to Blokker’s success has been anchored in the QuandaGo platform’s ability to detect and escalate those automated interactions that may require human assistance. To be successful, this needs to be as fast and easy as possible for both customer and agent, and the interaction routing and automation capabilities delivered by the QuandaGo platform are making it possible.

Just look at the results Blokker has achieved below:

  • 10% increase in customer engagement with same amount of agents
  • 2.5-minute reduction in average handle time (AHT)
  • 15% reduction in operating costs
  • 1 million plus online and offline customers managed
  • Refund payment processing reduced to 8 seconds from 14 days using integration with direct payment system Tikkie Zakelijk

The key to success? Working with a software vendor that is a trusted advisor and collaborator, according to Blokker.

“Partnership in business is extremely important. You need each other when you go through change.” says Richard Padt, Manager, Customer Service at Blokker. “Working agile is essential, and you can only achieve this if you work well together.”

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