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The Problem with Today’s Customer Experience Solutions

Problem with Today's contact center software

In joining QuandaGo, I see a real opportunity to change the way customer experience and contact center software solutions are designed and delivered. I talked about it in my last blog, highlighting the excitement of building something new here at the company — and changing the way customer experience is managed and delivered by companies worldwide. 

Here at QuandaGo, we’re constantly looking at the problems we solve for our customers and the value we provide. At the highest level, our mission is to help our customers outperform their competitors — with great customer experiences. Specifically, we do this by delivering customer experience management solutions that are designed from the “outside-in” — supporting the end customer need first, then the business. 

In this simple way, we believe we can make a difference in the CX and contact center software software industry: Delivering solutions that are truly customer-driven, designed to get things done for customers — such as getting a fast answer to a question, buying a product, or solving a problem. When done right, this approach delivers big benefits for business too, including increased customer and agent satisfaction, better sales and improved customer loyalty.

Designing Customer-Driven Solutions from the Outside-In

Up until now, contact center software and customer experience solutions have done a pretty good job at reactively handling service requests. But that’s not enough anymore. Customers expect companies to know them and meet their needs — quickly and proactively.

So, what can companies do to give today’s customers what they want? 

While the answers can vary, customer needs are pretty universal — no matter where you are in the world today. They inevitably want:

  • Choice — connections with companies and businesses over the channel of their choice, including digital channels and traditional voice calls.
  • Convenience — fast access to the exact information and/or help they need — in self-service or with live agent support, or both.
  • Control — understanding the next best options for customers (and agents) and helping get what they need done — in the moment.

That’s where QuandaGo comes in! 

We’re already helping our customers accelerate their move to new digital customer channels and digital-first experiences, including bots and messaging apps, conversational AI, and intelligent process automation. We’re extending this with contact center & back office connectivity, including connecting customer service agents to Microsoft Teams users in the back office, to enable end-to-end completion of customer service requests and tasks. 

There’s plenty of work to do, and we are not done yet. But, we’ll continue to be guided by the principles that have taken us this far, including:

  • A relentless focus on customer-driven solutions — enabling solutions that primarily serve the customer, and then the business.
  • An ‘Ecosystem’ approach — managing CX across channels, processes, apps and analytics — one open, integrated system.
  • Solutions that get smarter — cutting-edge data analytics that help companies constantly get better at CX — enabling predictive service and new levels of personalization.
  • Being a trusted CX expert as your partner — a commitment to excellence and integrity, accelerating our customers’ success and enabling them to outperform the competition.

If you’d like to get to know QuandaGo and our customers better, watch our latest on-demand Virtual Customer Event. We discuss the future of customer experience and our latest product direction — and most importantly, we’re pleased to have participation from some of our most innovative customers and partners with real-world use cases, including RTL Group, HVC Energy, conversational AI provider Spitch and more.

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