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A New Era of Customer Relationships

A New Era of Customer Relationships

The Next Evolution of CX

As you may have heard, we are fresh-off the public launch of our new company—QuandaGo—and we’re quickly moving forward!

In last week’s post from Arthur Nederlof, he talked about why we created QuandaGo and our new platform for building more connected experiences between customers, agents, and business processes. In case you missed it, you can read it here. This week, I wanted to share some more perspective, and provide a deeper look into the “why” of our new company. 

At QuandaGo, we believe that our mission is to connect the experience is different because it aims to bring together not just customers, agents, and self-service—but also employees, knowledge, and business processes from across the company. And it’s that last part that we think is truly unique.

The reason is that, while contact centers have indeed made progress with the cloud and the emergence of AI and machine learning apps, today’s customer experiences—and those of agents and employees—are still largely disconnected. This is especially true for interactions and customer journeys that make their way out of the contact center and into other parts of the business for resolution or completion.

Why CX fails

So, why is customer experience still so difficult to deliver in the age of omnichannel interactions and AI?

At QuandaGo, we see a “CX disconnect” that involves more than just technology. This gap can often be tied to a lack of connectivity between a company’s employees, information and processes, as well—both inside the contact center and out. The reasons for this vary, and many companies may be dealing with a few or more challenges.

For example, our work with customers and the latest research suggests only around 10% of companies can deliver a true omnichannel interaction experience. This problem is compounded on the agent and company side of the equation as data is often scattered, requiring agents to spend up to 30% of their time searching for information and finding answers. In fact, some agents use 10 or more desktops and systems to serve a single customer. Unacceptable. Finally, we still see siloed operations and business processes across the front and back office, frustrating both customers and employees. Examples of the pain caused by this disconnectivity include making customers repeat themselves when multiple agents are involved, and forcing employees to ask the same questions over and over.

We can help!

At QuandaGo, we believe companies overcome these challenges, and we are hard at work helping customers do it today. We are indeed entering a new era of customer relationships, and our focus is 100% on our customers, and enabling them to make the most out of connected experiences.

Will you join us?

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