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Why We Created QuandaGo

Why We Created QuandaGo

Welcome to QuandaGo!

This week marks an exciting new beginning for the people of QuandaGo. We’re formally launching our new company name and platform, but more importantly, we’re bringing together a highly talented and united team and more than 100 customers from the former Aloha, Artificial Industry and Morphis companies.

We’ve worked extremely hard to get to this point, but the best is yet to come!

At QuandaGo, we have a vision to help companies bring their interactions, knowledge and processes together not just for customers, but also for contact center agents and employees across the company. We believe that combining this company-wide connectivity of people with new levels of automation and process efficiency across departments is truly a game-changer for companies.


The facts are more clear than ever. Customers are still frustrated—and disconnected—and agents and companies are struggling to keep up in today’s digital world.

A New Approach

We created QuandaGo because we believe that companies need a new approach to CX. We call it the Connected Experience, and it’s designed to help manage customer experience across your company in a whole new way.

We’re different from traditional CX and contact center software providers in that our platform brings together new levels of knowledge—from virtually any data source—making it all available to agents and employees in a single place. We also enable companies to take this data and turn into action, using AI to automate workflows and make processes more efficient across the entire business—not just in the contact center.

Innovative Customers

But don’t just take my word for it. It’s real, and it’s happening today with customers like green energy provider Engie, who have applied automation to common tasks and saved 200 seconds per call. Other examples include leading retailer Blokker, who optimized costs with chat bots and enabled 24/7 customer engagement, and insurance and financial services provider Dela, who connects the experience for 3 million customers with QuandaGo.

If you’d like to learn more, check out our new eBook: 3 Strategies for Delivering a Connected Experience. You’ll get more insight on the impact that delivering a connected experience can have on your customers, employees, and entire company—and strategies on how to get there. Download the eBook here.

To learn more about our platform, check out this week’s news release, which officially launches the new QuandaGo Connected Experience Platform to the market. Read it here!


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