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Still doing CX Surveys? What’s the VALUE? Time for REAL insights!

Is your company tired of relying solely on customer surveys to gauge satisfaction? You’re not alone. While surveys have been a staple in understanding customer experience (CX), they often fall short of providing a truly comprehensive view. Why? Because they’re inherently limited by who chooses to respond. Think about it: typically, only the extremely satisfied or dissatisfied customers bother to fill them out. What about the silent majority in between? So what do you really learn from traditional surveys and how representative are they? 

Conversational Analytics is a game-changer application which allows you to directly tap into the sentiments of your customers – all of them – you have had interactions with. Instead of having to rely on a select and limited number of survey responses, Conversational Analytics allows you to tap into 100% of your customer interactions. By leveraging advanced AI technology, you can now listen in on conversations across all channels, including calls, chats, social media and feedback surveys, and you can do this fully automated.

This groundbreaking approach enables businesses to extract valuable insights directly from the source – what customers are actually saying. From identifying pain points to uncovering moments of delight, conversational analytics provide a holistic view of the CX landscape.

By analyzing the entirety of customer interactions and existing customer journey and feedback data, you can pinpoint trends, detect patterns, and make data-driven decisions to enhance the overall customer experience. Say goodbye to the guesswork of survey responses and hello to actionable insights derived from real conversations.

While surveys may have served their purpose in the past, Conversational Analytics offers a more robust and accurate means of understanding customer sentiment. It’s time to shift the focus from arbitrary survey data to the rich insights waiting to be unlocked within every conversation. With conversational analytics, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your customers and, ultimately, drive meaningful improvements in CX.

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